Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crooked Line

The myths of old don’t work no more
You know we’ve got to bring those gods down
Stories told of knights so bold
Kings rattling their crowns

King of Thieves and the Queen of Hearts
Spewing a crooked line
Turn your head on a dime
Now way to change your mind
Walkin that crooked line

Get out the rake
Not too much of a disgrace
Leaves fallin on your face
Underneath the dying sun

Another purge in sight
Coup de tat tonight
Troops rollin to the border
Wake up from your slumber
Far too many in number
An unknown chart in the street today
I wanted to ask what they were saying.

After the flood the gates swung wide
Everyone watching for the rain in the sky
Not a drop fell

I hide in the oak maple and pine
Starting to choke on the assembly line

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