Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The old woodsman who left no trace
All he left us was a book
But we cling to it while we slip away

When you can’t tell the dancer from the dance
She gets into a groove
But it’s the music
She’s moving
Swallowed by a flame so soft and without a name
The fire that consumes the deed

It’s just the art
It’s not about the living
These two ideas sometimes together never seen
But go a little deeper
You might find the space where they finally meet.


O climb ye to the highlands
For there you shall see
A baby llama with snow white fur
Gateway to the sun

Creator of all fragile and vulnerable elements
Do you not see the dried snot on their faces ?
The white crust at the corners of their mouths ?

How they thirst !!

This is our plea
For high are we

Jumbling carrots he pretended to know intuitively
A past was forming

Away from the courgettes and the aubergine clouds
Wavering above the hamburger stand
A wickety wackety giant-sized bun
Atop the clattering van
Rooftop people waiting
Fire burning with no condiments in sight
A masked broiler snickers between the crimson flames

A man yells emblazoned with fires of the past
Youth shadows spread along the awning
A young pigioen landing and shitting in your
Coke with lemon

Devilish Gurus With Their Brain Dead Flocks

7 hermetic principles

mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, gender

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
to create with one hand while the other destroys
fame is like a little dog you have to take out with you everyday

smokin like the tires of some dragster getting ready to shoot off
a parachute across the finish line
tappin the fire inside
stokin my flames with a red hot iron
another buning coal smolders and sparks into the air
poppin my fingers to the cracklin rhythm there

I wont die of exposure
Fame is not my curse
No blessing found in my home
Other than a little verse


Through fate and love our paths crossed
I remember under the moolit sky
Our eyes spoke over the river no words
Branded my heart to this day

The water between us your mother carried you away
I ran back to the caravan and headed East they say
And now back westward today
If she’s gone off to rest
May peace shine it’s light all her days

We stopped a while to breathe the air
Play a tune
Wash our clothes

Your home sat still like a rock by the river
Animals at your command
I left my gloves of leather
For you to find in the night

Koan # 1

I always find my bodhis in the street
The first sip is joy
The second gladness
And the third serenity

Number four is madness and the last ecstasy

The sparrow hops along the veranda again
Feet wet laughter solemn
Rocks are space
I’m mostly human making kindling
An gobbling down food
Paramita of Dana you can’t fall offf a mountiain
When you get to the top keep climbing

Zen lunatics rucksack wanderers in the zendo
Making up haikus reciting koans
Walkin in Tamalpais

American Taliban

Borderline mission across the river we started
Tacit agreement to leave it at that
On one would fire the very first round
Till the generals retired to the old home town
Shallow like the river runnin across our eyes
Try to make things clear see through better eyes

He said take off the gloves on this one
They let him freeze and bleed
Freedom of religion depends on what you believe

When I went over the border I went to training there
Fighting the red backed Alliance
I knew something was wrong when they called him a killer
Put his picture on the front page
The timing wasn’t right just like all the others
Striking fear in the souls of the world

Unimpressed with the devil who turned us upside down
Not academic or spiritual that was my take on it

I was really impressed with Malcolm X so I took up a gun in Allah’s defense
Then I went to learn Arabic pretty soon in Pakistan memorizing the Koran

What I didn’t tell anybody was I went over the mountain
Underwent some training there
By our US funded allies caught up in a battle
Held and starved as prisoner until US troops saved me

Thought it was all over then Rumsfeld gave the order
Take the gloves off he said
And they put me in the cold
Gunshots left untreated
Strapped down and naked

The picture spread all over
The son to terror’s Godfather
Charged with treason intent to kill
A soldier’s reason and Allah’s will

Looking Through the Stacks

I always listen to what no one else does
Don’t make no reference to the TV
Lookin through the stacks to find a good read

I lost my privilege at the library
They wouldn’t loan me Don Quixote
Now im thinkin of layin my money down
Lookin through the stacks to find a good read

You can go and do just as you please
I turn away rom what’s on now
Nobody did anything to phase me
Now you can just erase me
Lookin through the stacks to find a good read

House of Clowns

Livin in the house of clowns
I know some people who’d dig it
Don’t get me wrong
Just a big change form solo trapeze
Movin from ringmaster on down

Lady Stardust

Lady stardust I see a distant twinkle in your eyes.
Under the billboard checking the hood
Fired one up sparks fire for free
Something grounded me in reality

People on the streets like little satellites
Orbiting around and around
Some girls voice from America never heard such a sound.

Asleep you find some things you hide
Open eyes can’t see
Somehow we know in dreams reside
The key to misery

In daylight hours we toil in vain
The nighttime promise shines
Gold and silver
Flowing wine
Running in our veins

The trees we climbed the conjured hills
The pastures with dandelion snow
Like children round the circle sing
Round and round we go

Crooked Line

The myths of old don’t work no more
You know we’ve got to bring those gods down
Stories told of knights so bold
Kings rattling their crowns

King of Thieves and the Queen of Hearts
Spewing a crooked line
Turn your head on a dime
Now way to change your mind
Walkin that crooked line

Get out the rake
Not too much of a disgrace
Leaves fallin on your face
Underneath the dying sun

Another purge in sight
Coup de tat tonight
Troops rollin to the border
Wake up from your slumber
Far too many in number
An unknown chart in the street today
I wanted to ask what they were saying.

After the flood the gates swung wide
Everyone watching for the rain in the sky
Not a drop fell

I hide in the oak maple and pine
Starting to choke on the assembly line

Seven Generations

Just like that river
You cant step in the same one twice
Keeps on movin
With every roll of the dice
Im not bettin
You’ll clean up what you let behind
That’s for seven generations down the line

Seven generations down the line
How will the look back on us in time
Like some kind of medicine or some other kind of wheel
Turning and turning
My reflection in the pool put me in my place
Predator cruel move with animal grace
Then I saw you there ripples showed what I had in my mind
Seven generations down the line

You can tame the beasts but they stil wourk out of their cells
Here on the outside they don't care how you’ve felt
I’ll put my hand in those cages one more time
Seven generations down the line