Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Taliban

Borderline mission across the river we started
Tacit agreement to leave it at that
On one would fire the very first round
Till the generals retired to the old home town
Shallow like the river runnin across our eyes
Try to make things clear see through better eyes

He said take off the gloves on this one
They let him freeze and bleed
Freedom of religion depends on what you believe

When I went over the border I went to training there
Fighting the red backed Alliance
I knew something was wrong when they called him a killer
Put his picture on the front page
The timing wasn’t right just like all the others
Striking fear in the souls of the world

Unimpressed with the devil who turned us upside down
Not academic or spiritual that was my take on it

I was really impressed with Malcolm X so I took up a gun in Allah’s defense
Then I went to learn Arabic pretty soon in Pakistan memorizing the Koran

What I didn’t tell anybody was I went over the mountain
Underwent some training there
By our US funded allies caught up in a battle
Held and starved as prisoner until US troops saved me

Thought it was all over then Rumsfeld gave the order
Take the gloves off he said
And they put me in the cold
Gunshots left untreated
Strapped down and naked

The picture spread all over
The son to terror’s Godfather
Charged with treason intent to kill
A soldier’s reason and Allah’s will

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