Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreams So Real

Klamath Falls on Friday morning
20 degrees of solitude.

Flatbed gypsy in gray polyester
Not surprised by The Pig
He was anonymous and so were we.

Journeymen walking rows.

World's largest catfish 1.5 tons 21 feet long.
Umatilla River by Ron Gollyhorn a logger
From Ukiah down wind from the cattle ranch of
George Antioch.

Through the Blue
Mountains by La Grande
Emily stood tall.

Around and around in Portland
Bridge over San Kwai
Piper, Stephanie and Jane
Warm with many lists.

Work to be done
What about the little one?

Powerful lands
Stillness and peace
The slow work of Earth.

Nice Picture

ad inhaesio

Drunk with passion, ruled by motive.

There is a picture
Of a man in a yellow raincoat
Standing on his capsized dinghy.
One arm covers his eyes
While the other holds
The lantern in the rain.

We paid witness to Venus
In daylight
By a slivery
Silver moon.

The clouds are different
Around here as though their
Vapor was determined by
Trees and brush or the
Juttin rock.

They absorb the colors of
The ground
For their own beautiful use.

We were disappointed
Big light over the hills
Orange brightness flashing
On and off.

We pass closely by but see nothing.

Then from behind us after a time
A refinery burning
Petroleum and we thought
It might have been a saucer.

Never again for seventy-five
Thousand years yeah
Nice thing to know.

The Pig

Flights of fancy
A truckload of thought
Packed so nicely
The idea runs !!

Bless the Pig
Symbol of all good.

Going West

On the road to Denver
Near Boot Hill
Where myth and reality
The Pig blazes through the
Cellophane membrane
Toward antipathy.

Tontitown, Arkansas,
home of Bessie the
ton o tits cow.
We thought this utterly ridiculous
But we weren't there.

Beginning to see the outline
Of the Delectable Mountains.
Nebraska just seems like a barnyard with
Barren trees and the
Smell of antiseptic restrooms
Icy roads left unsalted.

Denver 248 miles

10:15 a.m.
The road looks like one of
Frankenstein Monsters' neck scars
All stitched up and life-inflicted.

Horses and cattle put
Together in fields
Full of mud huts
Villagers squandered
Left abandoned.

Past the Applegate drain near Paxton Road
Entering Keith County and
Mountain time zone now 9:30 a.m.
Woop Woop !!

South Platte River on Big Mac Drive.

True love ain't hard to see

Now these are hills
The jailbird takes the rap
half a mile from Ovid
The Metamorphosis takes place
And The Pig flies away.

Red Lion Road
Sagebrush troopers
Storming to rainforests
And over deserts.

Iliff and Beaver Crossing
Crook, Sidney, Sterling.

Butch to the rescue
Bad voltage regulator
Can sing some grief and sorrow
Sunday November fifth
On the road to Fort Collins
Debbie Does Donuts topless donut shop
Geraldo show was there.

News items:
Antone Wood, aged 11, the county's youngest inmate
The Ute and the Knight family with Nighthawk lawyer
Boulder tribes looking to reclaim ancestors' bones.

--Fall 1989

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am so sorry Czeslaw
I know you won the prize.

Someone stuck a feather
deep inside your
road-side dog.

But it was a gift for me
Probably from a Lady I'll never see.

It was in the space between
Salvation and the damnation and
Pursuing a goal.

In a funny way
Things started meshing together.

The feather, your words, the song of death
And so I crossed myself with
the feather and
examined its silvery spine in
The light of my lamp.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is For the Ones That Didn´t Get Away

This is for the ones
That didn´t get away
Grown large over time
Escaping nets
Fame spread around school and
In tales of old fishermen

This is for the ones
That didn´t get away
Jumping over boats
Shiny flips
Teasing adversaries and their sons
Just a glint
On the horizon dips

This is for the ones
That didn´t get away
Blackened not
By Creole mens´hands
But crude oil barons
Shoving barrels
Tearing at our backs
Giving protegé commands

Sarasota, June 2010