Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nice Picture

ad inhaesio

Drunk with passion, ruled by motive.

There is a picture
Of a man in a yellow raincoat
Standing on his capsized dinghy.
One arm covers his eyes
While the other holds
The lantern in the rain.

We paid witness to Venus
In daylight
By a slivery
Silver moon.

The clouds are different
Around here as though their
Vapor was determined by
Trees and brush or the
Juttin rock.

They absorb the colors of
The ground
For their own beautiful use.

We were disappointed
Big light over the hills
Orange brightness flashing
On and off.

We pass closely by but see nothing.

Then from behind us after a time
A refinery burning
Petroleum and we thought
It might have been a saucer.

Never again for seventy-five
Thousand years yeah
Nice thing to know.

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