Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going West

On the road to Denver
Near Boot Hill
Where myth and reality
The Pig blazes through the
Cellophane membrane
Toward antipathy.

Tontitown, Arkansas,
home of Bessie the
ton o tits cow.
We thought this utterly ridiculous
But we weren't there.

Beginning to see the outline
Of the Delectable Mountains.
Nebraska just seems like a barnyard with
Barren trees and the
Smell of antiseptic restrooms
Icy roads left unsalted.

Denver 248 miles

10:15 a.m.
The road looks like one of
Frankenstein Monsters' neck scars
All stitched up and life-inflicted.

Horses and cattle put
Together in fields
Full of mud huts
Villagers squandered
Left abandoned.

Past the Applegate drain near Paxton Road
Entering Keith County and
Mountain time zone now 9:30 a.m.
Woop Woop !!

South Platte River on Big Mac Drive.

True love ain't hard to see

Now these are hills
The jailbird takes the rap
half a mile from Ovid
The Metamorphosis takes place
And The Pig flies away.

Red Lion Road
Sagebrush troopers
Storming to rainforests
And over deserts.

Iliff and Beaver Crossing
Crook, Sidney, Sterling.

Butch to the rescue
Bad voltage regulator
Can sing some grief and sorrow
Sunday November fifth
On the road to Fort Collins
Debbie Does Donuts topless donut shop
Geraldo show was there.

News items:
Antone Wood, aged 11, the county's youngest inmate
The Ute and the Knight family with Nighthawk lawyer
Boulder tribes looking to reclaim ancestors' bones.

--Fall 1989

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