Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fly on Home

lazy i'm a lazy bones
crazy but i aint stoned
don't try this at home
don't fry your cerebellum
headstrong i'm a stubborn fool
head long no book of rules
break down the big walls
to keep on takes real balls
look out over the edge
walking out onto the ledge
no doubt it's really far down
look up at the rolling clouds
and fly on home
fly on home baby
don't worry if you're not sure
who's to say what's bad or good
do it all just for yourself
if you like it take it off the shelf
snap your fingers hmm hmmmm
there must be something if it makes you move
don't rely on a second guess
better than most your second best
keep on listening to your heart
that's a pretty good way  to start
melodies coming from within
taking wings pretty soon and then
you'll fly on home
fly on home baby

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