Saturday, April 25, 2009

Riding With Jimi

This button on my strap
Here to remind me of that
Black Caesar with pink curlers in his hair

Festival of love in a helicopter
Raining down bad luck
Riding with Jimi
In a stolen pick-up truck

Gypsy moon and stars
Twinkle sporadic
Someone put something in my tea
My buckskin fresh from Canada’s freeze
While Seattle was a distant memory

Waking up the crowd
I heard rockets blast from your Marshall stacks
I think I left my stash
In the glove box

Now I’m wondering where you are tonight

Three on the tree
Hotwire in the dashboard
Three days without sleep
Watching history crash
Ducking into a Dodge
Walking like a duck
Driving through the mob
In that stolen pick-up truck

Sisyphus rising
In the new light of dawn
Ride my dragonfly to my castle made of song
Tell New York City and the Village to get lost
Goodnight, goodbye, so long.

--winter 2007, Barcelona, Spain

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