Monday, March 30, 2009

Rite of Passage

Fall 1980, Nevada, Iowa

We had done hours of air jamming to them with our tennis rackets and pool cues, some of us had even put on the makeup. Now it was time to shoot them full of twelve gauge holes.

Destroyer, Hotter Than Hell, Love Gun, we lined them up in the corn furrows side by side, blasting away and then using the albums as clay pigeons one by one shattering them into jagged black fragments in the air.

Kiss had become all we hated about commercialism, groups like The Clash and X, The Meat Puppets and The Minutemen had taken over with their political message against US imperialism and support for the Sandinista Revolution. Our history teachers had it wrong, or they forgot to say it somehow…Ronald Reagan was funding millions a day to the death squad governments in Central America. The big lie had been perfected once and for all.

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